sweet little Nellie

The Birth of Nelson Aaron

If there is one big theme for this decade of my life—filled to the max with a repeating cycle of pregnancy, birth, and baby (5 times!)—it’s that God has been good to me. The morning of Nelson Aaron’s birth started out like most days this pregnancy, with a hot cup of tea and a sunrise walk. I’d spent many early… Read more →


My oldest brother Nelson once told me about a time when he prayed God would surprise him somehow. He was living in Nashville and had just given up alcohol. He was trying hard to make good choices, one day, one hour at a time, and it wasn’t easy. That afternoon he was in a Starbucks when Jack White walked in.… Read more →

A Happy Mama

My mom just turned 70! Her whole birthday weekend was fun—a family party for thirty of us at her house on Friday night (we’d sent her to the beach for the afternoon while we decorated and baked) and then a surprise brunch the next morning with all of her best friends. My Aunt Mary asked if I’d say a few… Read more →