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The Happiest News

I haven’t written much lately, but I had to revive the blog to share our happy news—baby #5 is on the way! Have we lost our minds? Maybe. Don’t we know kids are expensive? Yes. Are we in over our heads? Probably. But we’re excited anyway. Pregnancy is hard. I’m older this time around and I’m feeling it. But here’s… Read more →

daily chaos

Isaac is One! And a Few Lessons…

Isaac turns one today! He’s learned a lot in just one year and I think maybe I’ve learned a few things too… One of my 2014 highlights: while sitting with Adam on the back porch one evening, he looked out at Isaac crawling through the grass and suddenly said, “I love Isaac’s little hand. It’s part of him and I… Read more →

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The Lens

The sky is bright blue here in Florida today and we’ve got all the windows open. I’m a four seasons, snow-loving, pea coat kind of girl—especially in December! But I am loving the warm sunshine this year. What can I say? I’m home all day, every day with four little kids. What would I do if I couldn’t yell, “Outside… Read more →