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9-30-12 002

Doing Less

Last week we had a birthday dinner at our house for Adam’s Grandma (“GG” to the kids), who just turned 75. The kids and I had a blast getting everything ready. We started the white chili in the morning, then baked bread, made the cake and frosting, and then set a fall-themed table. We had a great time that night… Read more →

A Happy Plug

Three summers ago, my mom asked Adam and me if we’d help her start a blog. “Do you want to have a theme?” I asked her. “Or just write about your life in general?” Adam had helped me start a blog a few months earlier and I mostly wrote about motherhood after infertility. “I want it to be about getting… Read more →

7-6-12 006

Introverts: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I love parenting books. Maybe a little too much. When I first became a mom it took me a good six months to realize the key to my success wasn’t hiding in the next best-seller, that the term success doesn’t really apply to parenting at all. In my experience motherhood is praying, trying things, failing miserably, crying, praying some more,… Read more →