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Keepin’ it Real

I’ve been reading a bit more lately. It’s not that I have more time these days really—it’s that I’m obsessed with the Kindle Fire I got for my birthday. I love that I can buy a book while my kids are napping and immediately start reading it. I also love that I can indulge in book gluttony and not even… Read more →

Heading for the Cows

Feeding the Kids

I haven’t baked a single loaf of bread since Autumn’s birth three months ago. And while I wish I’d found time to do some freezer cooking at the end of my pregnancy, I didn’t. So we’ve been eating lots of processed food at our house. And cheap grocery store eggs. Maybe that’s why Saturday was so much fun. I’d asked… Read more →

My Love Affair with Wheat

Since I’m feeling much better now that I’m in the middle of this pregnancy (thank You Lord!), I’ve been in the kitchen more, trying to make healthy food from scratch. My friend Claire recommended a while ago that I listen to Dr. Axe, a Nashville wellness doctor and radio host, and I’ve been working my way through his old podcasts.… Read more →