Month: May 2012

Autumn at 3 Months


A few weeks ago Adam and I were watching the news when a story came on about moms who breastfeed their children until they wean themselves, even if that means nursing a six year old child. Time magazine had stirred up the controversy the week before by giving their cover to the topic. As we watched the interview I turned… Read more →

A Slow Life

Things have been intense at our house recently. There’s the usual chaos of life with little kids, plus two colds, one sore throat, a fever, and two yucky rashes. The doctor’s rash prescription includes six (!) mini-baths a day for Skylar and since I’m also trying to pump four or five times a day to increase my milk supply for… Read more →

Heading for the Cows

Feeding the Kids

I haven’t baked a single loaf of bread since Autumn’s birth three months ago. And while I wish I’d found time to do some freezer cooking at the end of my pregnancy, I didn’t. So we’ve been eating lots of processed food at our house. And cheap grocery store eggs. Maybe that’s why Saturday was so much fun. I’d asked… Read more →